Making Meaning of UDS Data with HITEQ UDS Clinical Quality Dashboards

Event date: 10/5/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Export event
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Health centers have the power to analyze their UDS data through the HITEQ UDS Clinical Quality Dashboards, which were recently updated with the latest UDS data to include 10 years' worth of clinical information. HITEQ hosted a webinar to learn about the multiple ways that the dashboards can present your organizations’ clinical data across years, and compare it to customized comparison groups of other health centers, to explore potential drivers of results. The HITEQ UDS Clinical Quality Dashboards have evolved and improved each year to provide new analysis options. The Dashboards present the UDS data in a flexible and readily understandable graphical format and deliver an organization-specific version of the content to each health center, HCCN, and PCA via a web interface built on Tableau. Each organization's access allows them to see the data relevant to their center while protecting the data of other organizations.


Health centers, HCCN, and PCAs joined HITEQ to see how the dashboards can provide them with data to answer many questions such as: 

  • As a homeless health center, how does our clinical quality compare to homeless health centers nationally?
  • As a small health center, which we choose to define as those with <10,000 medical patients, does it appear that our size is a driver of our clinical results compared to other health centers?
  • How have the trends in my clinical outcomes over the past 5 years compared to similar health centers in states that I consider relevant to mine?

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