Panel Management in the Age of Value-Based Care

Panel Management in the Age of Value-Based Care

Health Center Case Studies Developed with Chiron Strategy Group, June 2019

Each health center has a system where patients are assigned to specific providers. The group of patients assigned to a provider becomes their panel; the various activities performed to maintain accurate panels and determine how often patients see their provider or care team are encompassed within the term “panel management”. Panel management is an essential function of a health center. When done well, it smooths the scheduling and operations of the health center; when done poorly it creates challenges with productivity, patient continuity, Quality Improvement reporting, and more. Some health centers do not clearly define who is involved, what processes are in place, and what tools and technology are used - all of which create challenges for panel management. Beyond the importance of panel management in internal operations, it is also important to external stakeholders such as NCQA, which includes panel management as a core criteria necessary to be recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. This downloadable resource offers guidance on improving panel management activities, including real-life examples from two health centers of the challenges and successes in managing panels.

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