Team Toolkit: Assessing Your Health Center's Digital Health Tools

Step 1: Identify digital patient engagement investments

  1. Facilitator: Gather the digital tools (all digital patient engagement investments that your health center has made) from Participants.
    • Approaches for digital tool gathering:
      1. Gather the tools in advance via email or an electronic form.
        1. When submitting tools, have Participants enter the name of each tool, and a note or two about what works well and what doesn’t work well for each tool.
      2. Gather the tools in person by having Participants jot down all of the tools they can think of on sticky notes. Take a moment once Participants have added all the stickies to group them (e.g., remove duplicates by grouping stickies that describe the same tool), and be sure nothing has been missed.
  2. Ask Participants to identify challenges and successes for each of the tools identified. This does not need to be completely comprehensive; this is just intended to take the temperature of how each tool is working for staff and patients.

Outcome of this step:

A list of past and present digital patient engagement investments (digital tools) and a sense of where successes and challenges have been experienced with these tools.