Team Toolkit: Assessing Your Health Center's Digital Health Tools

Step 2: Develop a list of key features of digital patient engagement tools

  1. As a team, develop a list of key features of digital patient engagement tools. This list will be used to assess current and future investments, and determine what existing tools do not meet your health center’s needs. Here are some tips for developing the list:
    • Consider weighting or ranking key features. This encourages the team to be thoughtful about what rises to the top of importance.
    • Ask “why?” for any key features identified; explore why that feature is important and what is made possible or easier by that feature. (For example: Why is the ability to track usage metrics important? To identify those who are not using to follow up? For evaluation purposes?) 
    • Check in with others around the room (real or virtual) for other perspectives. Features that are critical for one part of the team, may have different or unintended consequences for another part of the team.
      1. Remember, it’s important to be realistic about what is possible and advisable. Features that require extensive personalization or extensive additional investment may be less feasible.
    • The Facilitator may use the HITEQ Electronic Patient Engagement Tool Selection Rubric areas to get the team thinking about key features that may be important. 

Outcome of this step:

High priority features are identified and weighted or ranked, which can be used as a rubric for scoring tools in Step 3.