Team Toolkit: Assessing Your Health Center's Digital Health Tools

Step 3: Assess existing digital patient engagement investments

  1. As a team, rate each existing digital patient engagement investment according to the key features you identified in Step 2.
  2. The Facilitator will determine the best method for rating. Methods to consider:
    • Have team members rate the investments independently.  Each team member scoring for themselves will yield more, and perhaps more honest, information, but will require additional set up. Two different approaches for doing this are:
      1. Ask each Participant to complete the HITEQ Electronic Patient Engagement Tool Selection Rubric, if you are using that, and calculate scores using the last tab of the rubric. If you take this approach, have Participants do this in advance, so you can compile prior to the meeting!
      2. Use Mentimeter or other real time polling. This allows Participants to participate from phones or laptops to provide their ratings (using a 1-5 scale), and displays a real time average. (Example shown to the right.)
    • Rate the investments in a group discussion. This runs the risk of overshadowing opinions of some participants who don’t feel comfortable speaking up or face power imbalances. If you choose this method, facilitate a group discussion using guiding questions such as:
      1. Why did different participants rate various features the way that they did?
      2. Should certain features or uses be weighted more heavily than others?
      3. Are our systems set up to support this? Does each tool that we are discussing work well with our health IT systems and workflows?

Outcome of this step:

Digital tools have been evaluated against your health center’s specific criteria and each have a rating (or score). This will allow you to empirically assess which tools meet the needs of the health center and which do not, and therefore may need to be retired.