Team Toolkit: Assessing Your Health Center's Digital Health Tools

Step 4: Decide which digital patient engagement investments to continue using 

  1. As a team, identify which digital patient engagement investments are meeting their intended purpose and what, if any, supports are needed to maximize use.
  2. Determine a cut off point for which tools should be considered as not meeting the intended purpose or not having key features. The Facilitator may do this before the meeting, or it could be done in discussion with Participants.
  3. Use the rating or scoring from Step 3 to identify which tools your health center is likely to continue using and which to retire.

Outcomes of this step:

A list of tools that meet the health center’s needs and should therefore be continued, and any support or actions needed to make them work better.

A list of tools that do adequately not meet the health centers need, and therefore should be sunset and those resources allocated elsewhere.