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This curriculum will instruct health center learners on the changing role of the consumer/patient within healthcare in which the point of diagnoses and care is being increasingly shifted from the classical care provider setting to a more patient-centered model of health services. This shift in perspective and responsibilities is largely being stimulated by a critical mass in personal health information technology innovation and development, including patient portals, health apps, web-enabled medical devices, personal fitness trackers and remote health monitors.

These materials will provide health center staff with skills for navigating Electronic Patient Engagement strategies that include being better informed on: 1) patient activation and patient engagement; 2) incorporation of patient engagement tools and strategies into the organizational workflow; 3) evaluation of patient needs, satisfaction, and activation; and 4) current tools and services available for electronic patient engagement.

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Assessing Your Health Center's Digital Health Tools

Assessing Your Health Center's Digital Health Tools

A HITEQ Team Toolkit

Digital patient engagement investments is a broad category that includes all digital health tools your health center uses to reach and support patients. These include patient portals, messaging and outreach apps, remote patient monitoring tools, and mHealth apps. Despite the hopes and promises of new technologies, implementation of digital tools in health centers can be uneven and siloed, hindering progress on adoption, engagement, and transformation.

We know that oftentimes, leadership makes the call about what digital tools will be helpful for care teams and what to invest in. This Team Toolkit is intended to help health centers bring together stakeholders to review digital health investments and create a roadmap to move forward. The discussions outlined will help identify which team members and patients are most likely to use these tools in order to tailor implementation to those use cases. The discussions will also help determine what tools or initiatives should be maintained, expanded, or retired to best support staff and patients.

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