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Developing Effective Data Dashboards

Primer on a process and tips in developing a data dashboard

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Data dashboards help communicate information to your health center staff, clinicians and partners. However the development process can be daunting. Where do I start? Who is part of the process? What tools should I use? Many people start by choosing the tool, but before identifying the tool, it is helpful to think through the users and the design process. This primer walks you through steps to dashboard design and how to choose the right dashboard tool.

The Value Proposition for Population Health Management for Health Centers

Calculating ROI on your PHM investment

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Measuring return on investment (ROI) and the value of population health management is an emerging concern for health centers.  Calculating ROI on HIT investment is complex, and few health centers have experience in this endeavor.  The definition of value varies by type and size of provider, patient population, and other factors, and may be unique to an organization.  This white paper discusses principles and approaches to measure the value proposition for population health management for health centers.  Although few examples exist, we present the results of one health center’s measurement of the value of PHM.

Results of Population Health Analytics/ Data Integration Survey

PCA/ HCCN Experiences Assessing and/ or Implementing Systems

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HITEQ conducted an anonymous survey of population health analytic and data integration system needs and impressions among PCA/HCCNs in late 2016 and early 2017. The results of that survey, intended to help those looking to adopt similar systems, are laid out within. This includes ratings of key functionalities, discussion of most important features, and comments from those who have assessed and/ or implemented these tools.

Top Tips for Selecting and Implementing Population Health Management Analytic Systems

From organizations who have recently implemented systems

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This document includes tips for selecting and implementing population health management analytic and integrated data systems derived from Primary Care Associations, Health Center Controlled Networks, and health centers who have gone through this experience.

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