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This section includes sample job functions to help you find the right Health IT and Quality Improvement personnel.  These consist of actual job functions utilized by health centers in their job posting and recruitment activities.

Job Function Samples
HITEQ Job Function Decision Tree
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HITEQ Job Function Decision Tree

A Matrix of Skills and Job Descriptions for Health IT Staff

The following document is intended to assist health center staff create new job descriptions and/or modify existing job descriptions to more clearly incorporate Health IT and quality-related responsibilities.  The matrix provides responsibilities across three categories of roles:  Medical Leadership, Quality, and Health IT.  It differentiates these responsibilities based on typical job functions (e.g., Quality Improvement, Compliance, Meaningful Use).   

This tool is helpful in two distinct ways. First, the matrix can provide language to modify existing job descriptions to ensure that for each function, responsibilities are articulated across all appropriate health center roles. Second, the matrix can help an organization that has determined the need for additional Quality and Health IT staff, such as a Data Analyst or Quality Coordinator.  The tool can assist in determining which functions will be incorporated into the new role, and then developing the job description from the chosen functions.

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Documents to download

  • Job Function Decision Tree(.pdf, 137.46 KB) - 495 download(s)

    Created in 2016, a matrix of skills and job descriptions for health IT staff


This resource collection was compiled by the HITEQ staff with portions contributed by Chris Espersen, HITEQ Advisory Committee member and Independent Contractor and Past President of Midwest Clinicians Network; Shane McBride, Executive Director of the Brookside Community Health Center; Chris Grasso, Associate Director for Informatics & Data Services- The Fenway Institute; and Ed Phippen, Principal - Phippen Consulting, LLC.

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