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A Roadmap for Building a Data Driven Culture A Roadmap for Building a Data Driven Culture

A Roadmap for Building a Data Driven Culture

HITEQ Highlights Webinar

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As healthcare becomes more data driven, health centers are aware that they need to build their “organizational muscle” for data analytics, but often may not know where to start. In this webinar the HITEQ Center introduced the Analytics Capability Assessment (ACA), a tool developed by the Center for Care Innovations that allows users to look critically at an organization’s analytics capability across three key domains: people, process, and technology. By determining their level of capability in each of these factors, organizations can develop an...
Risk Stratification Approach Risk Stratification Approach

Risk Stratification Approach

Population Health Management Action Guide from NACHC

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Risk stratification enables providers to identify the right level of care and services for distinct subgroups of patients. It is the process of assigning a risk status to a patient and then using this information to direct care and improve overall health outcomes. NACHC's Action Guide lays out 4 steps to get you started with risk stratification as well as key related concepts and...

How Healthcare Visualizations Can Improve Organizational Buy-In

from Health Catalyst

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Data visualizations in many forms can be incredibly valuable in helping health center staff and leadership move from a passive understanding of the data to active support of health IT enabled, data driven quality improvement approaches. While introducing visualizations can create immediate value and understanding, ensuring that their full value is realized requires that stakeholders be fully engaged and understand how visualizations (such as dashboards) can support decision making.