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Analytics Capability Assessment
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Analytics Capability Assessment

Created by the Center for Care Innovations

The Center for Care Innovations (CCI) developed this Analytics Capacity Assessment to address a potential gap around defining and assessing analytics capability in health centers, as well as to provide education on some of the complexity and nuance of working with data and building a data-driven culture.

The assessment covers three domains: People, Process and Technology. This is a pretty standard framework for understanding how to build capability, or generally what to consider when making a significant change or improvement within an organization.

Within each domain there are a number of factors. This assessment offers up indicators that show how these factors manifest within organizations at different levels. To align these metrics to give users a sense of their overall analytic capability, they have broken down these examples into four stages: reactive, responsive, proactive and predictive.

Visit CCI's introduction to the tool, as well as the tool, and a handbook with more information using the links below.

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