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Addressing Provider Burden Learning Collaborative Session 2: EHR Training Best Practices
Molly Rafferty

Addressing Provider Burden Learning Collaborative Session 2: EHR Training Best Practices

HITEQ Learning Collaborative series

We invite you to join the HITEQ Center in the upcoming learning collaborative for health centers on Addressing Provider Burden. This learning collaborative will provide a space for discussion and sharing compassionate, well designed, and digital-first solutions. Health center participants will have the opportunity to discuss interventions, implementation, training, and ongoing support for meaningfully integrated digital solutions to effectively support reducing provider burden.

This learning collaborative will provide health centers a series of four structured virtual sessions to engage with subject matter experts and their colleagues in peer-to-peer learning and discussion. Topics will include EHR best training practices, workflow support, and documentation support. Throughout the series, participants will be encouraged to consider the broad scope of provider burnout and the opportunities their particular settings may have for meaningful interventions.

All sessions are scheduled to begin at 1:30 ET and will last between 60 - 90 minutes. The session schedule is:
--June 9: Session 1 - Scoping Provider Burnout as a Problem with a Solution
--June 23: Session 2 - EHR Training Best Practices
--July 14: Session 3 - Workflow and Documentation Support
--July 28: Session 4 - Provider Burnout Round-Up

Health centers interested in participating in this learning collaborative series can submit one registration form on behalf of their health center. Health center registrations can include up to three participants in their form.

This session will discuss the questions of effectiveness, timing, and structure of EHR training to prevent provider burnout.

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