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Telehealth Learning and Consultation (TLC) Tuesdays - Telehealth Basics

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Telehealth Learning and Consultation (TLC) Tuesdays - Telehealth Basics

The TLC Tuesdays series provides an opportunity to learn more about the use of technology to support telehealth delivery. 

HITEQ Webinar Takeaways:

  • Telehealth use has escalated during the last few weeks and it will continue to be utilized frequently in upcoming months. During this time, patients will become comfortable with telehealth and it is likely to become an expectation, rather than a form of triage in the future. It is important to plan for long-term, higher volumes of use. The Great Plains Telehealth Research & Assistance Center (GPTRAC) shared a helpful checklist for initiating telehealth use
  • Webinar participants had many logistical questions regarding the implementation of telehealth. Providers inquired about the best video conferencing platforms, HIPAA compliance considerations, Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), and best use examples of privacy setting options. A recommended resource for those who are not familiar with using platforms such as Zoom, was the Telehealth from Home Checklist available on this web page. Similarly, this resource from the Partnership HealthPlan of California on how to access video conferencing software is a good tool for beginners.  
  • Another commonly addressed question was “What type of licensing is needed to provide telehealth in my state?”. The webinar presenters advised providers to review their state-specific list of services online.

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