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Staffing Models, Program Elements, and Performance Expectations

A HITEQ Center Resource

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The following document describes Quality and HIT staffing models for a low, middle, and high resourced health centers.  These models are intended to be both normative (e.g., How does my middle resource health center compare? Do I have all of these positions covered?) and aspirational (e.g., What benefits could we get if we move to the next level?). 

The Patient Engagement Playbook

A resource from the Office of the National Coordinator

Office of the National Coordinator 0 297

The Patient Engagement Playbook provides Health Centers with strategies for improving patient enrollment, activation and communication, care giver engagement and integration of patient-generated health data. For Health Centers attesting to Meaningful Use stages the Playbook also provides guidance and clarification around meeting patient engagement related objectives.

Population Health Management

Concepts for Health Centers

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This is a 4-module PowerPoint presentation is intended as a “backgrounder” for health center staff to introduce the field of population health management. It provides an overview of population health concepts, and discusses the role of the social determinants and population health management within the general population. All four modules can be completed by staff to gain a working knowledge of these concepts, implementation directions, creating a cogent and current case for the utility of PHM and SDH, an introduction to data sources and analytics, as well as next steps in the field.

Population Health Management, Social Determinants of Health and How These Fit

The relationship between population health management and social determinants of health

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This is a 21-slide module presenting an introduction to the concept of and relationship between population health management and social determinants of health beginning with current definitions, a brief history of along with the evolution of the field.

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