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2019 UDS Changes 2019 UDS Changes

2019 UDS Changes

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This webinar provided an overview of the major changes for calendar year 2019 UDS data collection and reporting activities (to be reported Feb. 2020). 

Annual UDS Clinical Measure Data Dashboard Annual UDS Clinical Measure Data Dashboard

Annual UDS Clinical Measure Data Dashboard

Excel Tool for Data Monitoring

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This simple Excel file dashboard was shared by an existing FQHC and is used to depict performance on UDS measures over time. This can be used to communicate with staff or monitor performance on UDS measures, and can be modified for use with other measures. There is also a tab with some real world advice on creating and using basic data monitoring dashboards included on the first tab.

Quality Report Inventory

Organizing your quality team with a schedule and map of quality report distribution

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This Report Inventory tool is a means to make public all available reports, the schedule for publishing to the organization, and their distribution. 

How Healthcare Visualizations Can Improve Organizational Buy-In

from Health Catalyst

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Data visualizations in many forms can be incredibly valuable in helping health center staff and leadership move from a passive understanding of the data to active support of health IT enabled, data driven quality improvement approaches. While introducing visualizations can create immediate value and understanding, ensuring that their full value is realized requires that stakeholders be fully engaged and understand how visualizations (such as dashboards) can support decision making.


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