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Staffing Models, Program Elements, and Performance Expectations
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Staffing Models, Program Elements, and Performance Expectations

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The following document describes Quality and HIT staffing models for a low, middle, and high resourced health centers.  These models are intended to be both normative (e.g., How does my middle resource health center compare? Do I have all of these positions covered?) and aspirational (e.g., What benefits could we get if we move to the next level?).  Each model includes:

  • Descriptions of staff
  • Critical quality program elements at each stage
  • How incentive payments could be allocated, and
  • Performance expectations. 

The model includes factors to consider when moving between stages and a staff position glossary to help define the different positions.

As anyone who has worked in health centers knows, health centers are highly variable.  For this reason, this document is meant to help executives and quality staff think more deeply about their quality program.  It is not intended to be a literal guide.

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